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As a UK leading specialist in aluminium fabrication, CPPL now Firesist Clad® – a fully-compliant Aluminium Insulated Panel for the glazing industry that meets all current fire safety standards and achieves the latest A2, S1-d0 non-combustible classification and meets all UK Building Regulations.

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A2, S1-d0
Rated Aluminium Panels

Firesist Clad® is a non-combustible aluminium insulated panel designed to work with most glazing systems fitted to buildings. The panels consist of outer and inner aluminium skins that can be specified in a range of different thicknesses: 1.5mm, 2.0mm, or 3.0mm. In between the two aluminium skins is a thermally efficient, lightweight mineral wool 160kg/m3 density Nexus Lamella insulation core. The core thickness can vary depending on the required specification, with the overall thickness of the panels ranging from 28mm to 100mm thick. A hard edging of Promat can be used in the panels as an option should you require it.

To ensure a finish that perfectly matches the building style and aesthetic, Firesist Clad® is available in a wide range of colours.

Our Firesist Clad® panels are manufactured to deliver desired U-values without requiring consumers to sacrifice appearance for performance. U Values are available on request. Firesist Clad® meets the EN13501-1:2018 fire safety standards and have achieved a ‘non-combustible’ A2, S1-d0 classification.

No matter the size of your commercial project, our Firesist Clad® panel system can provide the attractive finish, thermal insulation, and non combustibility you’re looking for.

Non-Combustible: A2, S1-d0 Classification

Firesist Clad® panels have undergone stringent testing at independent System Laboratories UK Ltd. against the latest EN ISO 1716:2018 and EN 13823:2020 fire rating standards.

BS EN ISO 1716:2018 is a testing procedure to determine the gross heat of combustion (QPCS) of the panels at a constant volume in a bomb calorimeter. Each individual component of the Firesist Clad® panel was tested under this method.

BS EN 13823:2020 is a test to determine the panel’s ‘Reaction to Fire’. The heat and smoke release rates are calculated while physical characteristics are observed and fully assessed. This test looks at Toal Heat Release (THR), Fire Growth Rate Index (FIGRA) and Smoke Growth Rate (SMOGRA), and these parameters are quantified to give the panel’s overall classification.

After passing these tests, Firesist Clad® panel systems have achieved an A2, S1-d0 classification.

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