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Our range of high quality louvres and brackets have been utilised in many commercial projects nationwide, offering end-users a great degree of customisability and personalisation as well as sufficient fortification.

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Permanent protection and safety in any shape and colour

Whenever great air ventilation and weather protection is required for your next commercial project, be sure to install a powder coated aluminium louvres from CPPL. It’s highly likely that the building you’re installing into may consist of limited-size rooms, generator rooms or even waste stations – louvres ensure they are well ventilation and can be installed swiftly and easily.

Every louvre and bracket that we sell is specifically tailored to your requirements, meaning that they can be powder coated professionally to help compliment any additional cladding or panels you might find yourself installing. As well as this, our in-house manufacturing ensures that we can produce any shape or size necessary, all turnaround swiftly to you no matter where you are based in the UK.

Specialist products fabricated in-house by CPPL


Louvres Effective at providing any building with exceptional weather protection and visual ventilation, louvres from us are ideal for a wide range of commercial applications. They can be fabricated in multiple depths to match the insulation thickness of the wall panel. It’s even possible to attach meshing if needed, helping to ward of any annoying birds or insects which may cause damage. We also offer our customers built-in wall louvres. These help to improve a building's ventilation, enhance solar shading and create an attractive exterior appearance and being integrated provide enhanced protection and better levels of durability.

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Aluminium and Steel Brackets

Aluminium and Steel Brackets CPPL’s range of panels, pressings and louvres wouldn’t be anywhere without sufficient brackets to fix them with. Manufactured from the same high quality aluminium used for our cladding and insulated panels, all of our brackets come reinforced to support even the heaviest of loads, able to powder coated to seamlessly merge in with any existing design. We also offer a range of steel brackets for when extra reinforcement is required. Our brackets are available in thicknesses up to 12mm and are compatible with all our other products.

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