The science of powder coating

Building with coloured exterior composite panelsEmerging from North America in the 1960s, powder coating is suitable for use on a wide variety of applications. Used to provide protection and/or decoration to surfaces it’s applied to, as technology has improved over the years, so has the quality of the coating. The method of applying the coating is based on a number of scientific principles. So to give you an idea of exactly what these are and how it works, we’ve created this short post.

What is it made of?

Powder coatings are based on polymer resin systems, which are then combined with a number of additives, including pigments and levelling agents. These ingredients are mixed via melting, cooled, and then ground into a powder.

How is powder coating applied?

This process is based on the principle that objects with opposite electric charges (positive and negative) attract one another. The ground powder particles are placed into a special spraying gun, which gives them a negative charge. This causes the powder to become attracted to the earthed component they’re to be applied to. The powder particles are then applied through the spray gun, following the magnetic field lines and sticking to the product.
Next, the component is placed into an oven for around 20 minutes at a temperature of 160 to 200 degrees C. This causes the coating to chemically react and produce long molecular chains, resulting in a smooth, long-lasting coating.

What are the benefits of this method?

This method is continually used for the number of excellent benefits it provides, including:

  • Exceptional durability – the coating is highly resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals, ultraviolet light, and extreme weather conditions.
  • Environmentally friendly – the powder contains no solvents and releases very few pollutants into the environment.
  • Finish quality – applying via this method creates a smooth, even finish on the surface it’s applied to, ensuring for maximum visual appeal.

For a more in-depth view of the benefits of powder coating, check out our post on its advantages using the link here.

Expert applications of high quality powder coatings from Commercial Pressings

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